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Helping My Community


It is the Summer of 2020 and here I am planing my upcoming collection in the middle of a pandemic. I'm thinking, is this even what I should be doing while people are literally dying around the world at record speed; should I even consider creating something that at the moment is only fulfilling a childhood dream? That thought made me feel selfish even when my product will eventually contribute to the empowerment of women.

I looked around my studio and started browsing the fabric inventory that's been sitting around for a while. I thought, why not give a second chance to these materials by making face masks, a product that is currently needed, and at the same time I can use the profit to help those affected by Covid-19. I will not only be creating something beautiful but most importantly, I will be serving my community.

It's been a fun project, it took around 9 to 10 protos to finally land on a shape and size suitable to most faces; I've learned that once you open the door, people are always willing to help those in need regardless of the situation.



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