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Size Chart


How to measure guide

For accuracy, we recommend being measured by someone else, if possible by a professional tailor. 

Few points to take into consideration when measuring yourself:

  1. Measure yourself in undergarments.
  2. Put on the shoes you'll most likely be wearing with the garment and stand straight up.
  3. Make sure your tape measurement is level around your body and not too snug or too loose.

Length: Stand with your heels together, keeping the tape straight and perpendicular to the floor. Measure from your waistline for skirts and from the highest point of shoulder (HPS), next to the neck for dresses.

Bust: Starting at the center front, wrap the tape measurement around the fullest point of the bust going under your armpits and around shoulder blades back to the front. 

Waist: While standing up straight, place your hands on each side of your waist like you would normally do, bend side to side and the crease formed will indicate your natural waist; wrap your tape measurement around this point.

Hips: Standing with your feet together, measure around the fullest part of your hips and buttocks, this point is usually 8” to 9” below  your natural waist. 

Arm: With your arm relaxed, measure from shoulder where you can feel your bone to the wrist.  

Any inquiries about measurements, please fill out the contact form.