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Misconception About Plus-Size Fashion

The world is full of myths regarding what plus-size women may and may not wear, but at MAAR, we believe that what looks well in a size 8 should look equally good in a bigger size; as our motto says "Beauty Goes Beyond Size Eight".
Misconception About Plus-Size Fashion

The misconception that suggests plus size women should only wear longer skirts, avoid wearing large apparel, or avoid wearing horizontal stripes, should only be determined by how confortable she feels wearing a particular style. A young girl size 18 for example, should not stop wearing an above the knee skirt just to follow  unfounded ideas as soon as she feels comfortable and does it with grace and style. Everything is adaptable and can be altered to accommodate women of all sizes and make them look as elegant without compromising design or aesthetic

At MAAR, we promote a positive and healthy mindset despite the constant stream of images about what some people believe true beauty is. Never forget that you alone should determine what looks good on the beautiful body you were born with, as long as you are healthy.



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