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Creating MAAR

Creating a clothing line requires time and dedication, once I read the phrase "Creativity is 10%, the rest is hard work and positive attitude", and I just couldn't agree more. 

One of the aspects of creating a clothing line that I enjoy the most is the development process. After sketches are done, styles selected and fabrics have been picked, comes the making of the first prototype, or what's known as the Proto Sample. 

It is at this point where the actual fun begins, taking that first idea to the final product is a long and slow journey where you get to materialize what would be the final product.

Before cutting the first sample in actual fabric, it is a common practice to test the first pattern in a cheap fabric known as muslin; however, any cheap material may do the job. Here is where you would do all the markings, pinning, and cuttings needed to amend that first pattern and get it as close as possible to the design intent. 

Once muslin is reviewed and patterns corrected accordingly, we cut the first Proto or first Fit Sample. This process is repeated about 3 to 4 times until a style is approved and ready for production.

As important as all of the above is, the attention to details is also crucial to ensure a high quality product. It wouldn't make sense to create a beautiful silk blouse that once is ready to ship, you notice the seams are tearing out because the fabric quality is too thin and requires special treatment to prevent damage. This will cause delays, fabric waist and a possible loss of the entire line.

I could spend hours pointing out the issues that might arise during fit time; however, I rather enjoy the process and learn from each step. At MAAR we want to ensure the delivery of a high quality product. This takes time and dedication, and we want you to be part of the progress, which is why we encourage you, if you haven't done already sign up for our mailing list and walk with us throughout this journey, hoping you will enjoy it as much as we are.                

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