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Challenges of a Plus-Size Consumer

Why is the plus-size market still so undervalued. Why there aren't more size-inclusive brands when it has been proven that the plus-size market is growing at a fast and positive rate. 65% of Americans are size 14 and up of which 56% are disappointed with the quality, saying plus size fashion is not executed at the same high level of regular size-fashion, per Credence Research.

It is very challenging for the plus-size consumer to go shopping since it seems that very few of the already well-known brands stop their size scale at 14 or even lower, at size 12. The very few that reach size 14 have big fit issues, like slim biceps or not roomy enough at the chest or back. Movement is very limited, and in certain instances, not comfortable enough to perform daily general duties. In addition, the very few brands that do decide to include the plus-size scale in their collection, select styles not flattering enough for a fuller body. Fortunately enough, there is a group of young Designer already launching plus-size or size-inclusive lines with the main purpose of targeting these issues, creating a much needed space for this growing market.

As a plus-size consumer myself and as the creator of  MAAR, I am taking as much time as needed to ensure the fit of our upcoming clothing line meets the requirements of a customer who appreciates the hard work involved in creating a high-quality product. As a brand, we are listening to the public and their main concerns when it comes to comfort and overall style. 



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