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Three Facts About our Brand

Do you know that MAAR was created on the urge to fit and look well in the styles I like? After gaining the extra weight, it was challenging to find attractive designs in my new size that also fit well, while still feeling comfortable throughout the day.

In addition to great fit, here are three facts that constitute the DNA of MAAR styles:

1. High quality: fabrics and trims are carefully curated to ensure the use of high quality materials


2. Outstanding construction: styles are either lined or finished inside with binding to provide a lovely accent while also preventing seams from unraveling.

3. Ethical & Slow: we believe that by decreasing our inventory and only producing pieces that have been pre-ordered, we are in some way helping the environment. After a style is ordered it takes four to six weeks to produce and deliver to guarantee the good quality.

Thank you for following us during this journey as we continue to work hard to bring you a high quality product. 

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